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Essa imagem doeu em mim, eu interprei como se o V, Jimin e Suga tivessem morrido, e só faltava o JK, VÉI, meu kokoro ta doendo

How few fucks suga gives laying at the bottom of the glass, jimin trying to help him, tae having a lil derp and jungkook sitting on the rim judging his hyungs *sigh* perfect

BTS 으엥??? 엑소 가틍데... 저기 까망머리가 됴고, 빨강머리가 차녈이자나.. BTS->EXO

Que incrível,que obra de arte Claramente eu sou o Kai

im actually crying

Ughhh i ship yoonmin so hard but jikook of kookmin is coming in at close second

Never, I repeat, NEVER pick on a nerd in your school. You never know who they'll turn out to be.

And look at the BTS haters hating on this boys not knowing their true stories and colors. Each BTS member should be well loved and appreciated. Happy ARMY Anniversary to me! Today is my favorite day 🦄🌟- G

Ahora podremos dibujar a Jimin  con este bosquejo

cutttttttttte i can draw that ill show u *draws a weird stick figure* SEE NAILED IT

Park Jimin fan art

-Cat- on

Kim Taehyung army seriously? xD

Who the hell did this? I've been laughing for like 5 minutes.