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Assertive Rights: Being assertive is a very big part of healthy communication and healthy communication is necessary for building strong relationships.

It’s really hard sometimes to have a conversation. This list is full of ideas that can help you have a great conversation. My favorites are #2, 4 and 10, as they really help one to have a positive, balanced conversation no matter how awkward or tricky the subject may be. What are your favorites? www.GuyStuffCounseling.com

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Dining Etiquette: It's not about the food - It's about the conversation! 10 Rules of a Great Conversationalist Manifesto

Learn EFT for anxiety at http://www.eftvideotutorials.com/anxiety/

What are Anxiety disorders? Anxiety disorders are the commonest psychiatric illnesses globally. There is no test for anxiety disorders like panic disorder, PTSD,OCD or social anxiety disorder and the diagnosis is based on a good history and examination.

Marilyn Monroe and Beethown were bipolar?! That makes me feel a whole lot better.

An info graphic describing the details surrounding the illness known a Bipolar illness. (idea: choose a topic to research then make an info graphic)

I really appreciate this post, as someone who experiences both but has trouble explaining the difference to family members who don't have either but are trying to understand

Panic attacks Mental health is an issue that needs to end. I get anxiety attacks, but i know of ppl that get panic attacks and theyre like WHY, WHERE DID COME FROM

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