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MashaAllah! Great guide to remember.

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How To Perform Salaatul Tasbeeh

Poster On Almost Every Tajweed Rule

Poster: Almost Every Rule This makes life easier ~ need to make my own

Here is a chart on how to do ghusl in case you aren't sure. I hope someone finds this beneficial!

Learn to perform and correct ua ghusul




Earn high reward with the Ramadan high way code

This is all very good Though the nail polish bit... I was never taught that nail polish was haram from mosque or my mom.

You can do so much even when you can't pray! - tips for women during their period Learn more @ The Ideal Muslimah

Tasbih tahmid tahlil

Tasbih with finger joints & tips

10 #Blessed Day & Events in #Islamic #Calender

10 Blessed Days And Events In Islamic Calender

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United by Knowledge

أسماء الله الحسنى

99 Names of Allah by Islamic Posters It has been narrated by Abu Hurairah that Allahs Messenger SAW said: Verily Allah has ninety-nine names, hundred bu. 99 Names of Allah

Need advice? Turn to the Quraan

Allah is the Best of Planners!  ❤️   #Islam #Muslims

Syukur alhamdulillah for everything. just when u thought life hits u so bad. thats when He bring lights to u. when u learnt to accept faith and let go. thats when you feel peace. becoz He indeed is listening and looking at you.

Muharram  Takes its name because fighting is prohibited during it.  Safar  Takes its name from sifr,which means to be empty, because the trails that the Arabs used for travel and business were empty because the sacred months had ended and fighting returned.  Rab'l al -Awal  Took their names from rab'i al-'ashab (dense gas) because it grew during these two months  Jumad al -Awal &

The History of Islamic Months - Ramadan just around the corner!

Allah knows,and that's enough for me.

Allah knows,and that's enough for me.I love you Allah

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Allah meaning The One God, is an Islamic god.