Louis Tomlinson

alex found out, she didnt know it had been going on for months now but it was. I drive back to elenor's and knock on the door

Tommo with Harry's shirt

{open} louis] after a one night stand with a girl, I walk out to my car before she wakes up. I groan as a headache kicks in. You see me walking out to my car and say.

it's the best way to explain how I feel

From One Direction to his first solo album, Louis Tomlinson is becoming his own man. Here he wears this summer’s hottest new sportswear

::open:: Louis] I had taken the girls to the store because I promised they could both get something. As we're  walking around, I turn a corner and bump into you. "shit, sorry." I say to you. The girls hide behind me shyly.

{open rp} Louis) I had a huge smoking addiction. Along with drinking and drugs. I sigh as I take a drag from my cigarette. I see you staring at me. I roll my eyes, "what?" I snap at you.

Poor little love. I can't imagine the pain he is going through right now. #RIPjohannah

((FC:Louis Tomlinson)) Hey I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson, I'm I have a baby boy named Freddie, he adorable Hayley and Harley are my little sister. I was in the group One Direction.