Louis Tomlinson

alex found out, she didnt know it had been going on for months now but it was. I drive back to elenor's and knock on the door

i know it's oh god but right now i wanna go ...Oooooooooo god....

{open} louis] after a one night stand with a girl, I walk out to my car before she wakes up. I groan as a headache kicks in. You see me walking out to my car and say.

Louis signature look. Love it

((FC:Louis Tomlinson)) Hey I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson, I'm I have a baby boy named Freddie, he adorable Hayley and Harley are my little sister. I was in the group One Direction.

Louis Tomlinson. I realize there is a 10 year age difference here,  but you sir,  are adorable.  That's not too creepy huh?

This thing where Louis constantly looks flawless, yeah, its gone too far

Louis Tomlinson Lockscreen — ctto: @stylinsonphones

"Going out tonight, dumbs are running 'round her hair. He's waiting, hides behing a cigarette"