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offerings in Bali temple - singaraja, Bali

Offerings in Bali temple, Singaraja, a city on northern shore (Java Sea) of Bali Island, Nusa Tenggara_ Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia, Asia. Travel to Indonesia with Kelana DMC. A member of Gondwana DMCs - your network of boutique Destination Management Companies across the globe -

Rejeng dancers, photo by Gregory Adams, Lonely Planet Photographer LP  bali  Indonesie  Balinese Pendet dance - Indonesian Dance

Staking claim to traditional pendet dance bali Indonesie Balinese Pendet dance - Indonesian Dance

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This photo will help start the conversation of how students are alike and different from what the children are wearing in this picture. It will be exciting for elementary students to see pictures of today's Balinese children.