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This hijab tutorial is all about the turkish hijab class, their style is so elegant and classy, The sad thing about turkish hijab looks, is that they usually use silk scarves which don& stick on everyone& head, I& talking out…

This is a hijab style for special occasions or a women only party, it& a turban inspired one but with slightly some changes created by the talented makeup artist who always shares such a cute unique hijab styles.

Daily Hijab tutorial by helminurasifah. Thank you, keep inspiring;and mention your friends;) SPAM LIKE FREE LONG CARDI :)

How to wear a mandeel or hijab

This is a most worn hijab look, we notice the differences in the volume of folds or Hijab patterns Or maybe the kind of fabric used but…

Hijab Syar'i Yolanda Model 2017 Terbaru Harga Murah dengan aksen rempel yang bisa dikreasikan di tengah maupun menyamping, dengan aksesori pita dan renda

This is an easy chest coverage hijab style you can try for all occasions, it covers everything and still creates a great layering and folds. You can place a necklace above the chest area on all those folds for a…

Square Hijab

A lovely simple hijab style! Sisters, today is If you haven't worn the hijab before, today is a great day to start :)

Tutorial Hijab Pashmina Rumbai Terbaru - Berikut ini akan kami sajikan kepada anda tips tentang bagai mana cara menggunakan jilbab atau lebih trennya dengan