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19 Foto Yang Menunjukan Gaya Hidup Mewah Dan Gila di Kota Dubai

Lol the blue tooth sticker one<<<OMG, I have wanted someone to come up with something you could put on items so you can track them! I lose stuff all the time!


失敗!顔チェンジ! ウッディと顔交換するはずが、とんでもない悲劇に見舞われた女性

真剣に考えてるwww しかし希望の処に入れるかどうかは…

How to pass time on the train. these are hilarious! I wanna be friends with this person!

Calvin, Haroldo e seus amigos

Anup Sinare's answer to What are some of the best Calvin and Hobbes cartoons?

now this is how you draw on the back of a dirty car.

I would like to do this to people's cars in parking lots. I would love finding art like that on my car