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Saiga - Hewan Terancam Punah Yang Berhasil Diabadikan Oleh Fotografer

myfrogcroaked: “Here is the best animal face you will see today! This is a Saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica), a species listed in CITES Appendix II and evaluated as critically endangered by the IUCN Red List. It lives in Asia (Kazakhstan, Mongolia,.


Old English Mastiff and Great Danes! If I was ever to get another dog I want a mastiff!

Resultado de imagen para tony r palazzi

Resultado de imagen para tony r palazzi

"Hmm, how shall I do this?"

funnywildlife: The Gorilla, The Thinker to see these guys wild in their element at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest with Premier Safaris by Sophie Narsès

It's said that eyes are the windows to the soul...eyes look like windows to the universe to me #justmythoughts

Dont you thing the second to last looks like the eye of sauron. also, predators with slit eyes are primarily ambush hunters.

Günün Astronomi Görseli 26 Mart | Görsel ile ilgili ayrıntılar için görsele tıklayınız.

A macro photo of a waterbear on moss. Tardigrades, commonly known as waterbears or moss piglets, are water-dwelling, segmented creatures with eight legs and measuring just in length.

İşte Yogyakarta, Endonezya'da görüntülenen gitarist kertenkele.

By Aditya Permana Yogyakarta, Indonesia Lizard caught playing leaf guitar

Sülalem Rahat

National Geographic Traveler Photo contest is a yearly event were people send in photos of wildlife. The annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is coming to an end.

~~Capra Ibex by Juza~~

The Iberian Ibex or wild goat (Capra pyrenaica) is one of the species of goats from the genus Capra that exist in Europe.

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A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

unlikely animal friendships - Bing Images

Very strange picture! An elk lies on the ground resting while two lorises perch on its antlers. The loris is a slow moving and normally noctural animal that likes to climb.

Emel (@Emel7103) | Twitter

Kid Kissing a sheep photography pictures photos photography ideas photography idea images animals

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Robed Dinka Elder with Namesake Ox, South Sudan by Photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher - Dinka on photokunst