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reviseordie: The first of hopefully more posts targeting some of my most popular questions. This one is to answer all the asks I receive about my own personal (and general) study tips.

Textbook Reading Advice

Textbook Reading Advice study-hack: “ study-hack: “ Textbook reading advice: compiled by my Psychology professor Dr. Lauren Graham for BioPsych 202 ” ”

14 Life-Changing Studying Hacks & Tips that’ll Make this School Year the Best Yet

My friend's psychology notes. - Imgur

My friend's psychology notes.

How to take notes

How to take notes

Note abbreviations

the-prudent-student: “ For those professors that lecture at a million miles per hour, some note taking symbols and appreciations can come in handy and save you a few precious seconds during class.

Use a legible color!

Note Taking Tips for College Students