I thought I was the only one who raced raindrops! And pro tip: when bumping down the stairs use a sleeping bag to go faster. And I didn't play superhero I played robot.

But I didn't do the pole, Pringles, or jello -- Never had a Game boy color and the pole but everything else, yes


I yawned because it was talking about yawning and I just woke up. So I yawned looking at it haha cx

Making your own laundry detergent

Hatred, money, and f*cking the system. This includes the first part that started it all. ( I hadn't seen it yet) fuck the entire laundry industry recipe = best title ever

Not gonna happen but it's worth a shot

Ik this is a dumb scam but I don't want to have bad luck and I happen to know that my crush doesn't like me