:(  I'm fairly certain if this were Oh Mother, I'd be curled up in a ball weeping.

Oh Father

Oh my goodness. the father is a DITTO! And is the best parent ever! THE FEELS! I didn't realize until the end it was a ditto! At first I was like, what is up with all these other Pokemon are they his friends?

Brock's Eyes Are Handy

Brock's Eyes Are Handy

Lucy (Gen 3 Battle Frontier) likes Brock's eyes! Yes someone who takes interest in Brock!

Ask Airalin Q16 by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt

Airalin is one of those people who should never be given positions of authority. Hope you like it ^^ Got a question for Airalin? Ask Airalin

This might have just changed the meaning of my life...

Forever Ten

Why is Ash always ten years old? 19 Insane Fan Theories About Movies And TV That Will Blow Your Mind

~ Este pokemon permanece parado ate receber uma ordem do seu treinador. ~ Aqui esta garoto ~ Eu realmente quero comer isso

Growlithe obeys his master. Growlithe will eat when master says to eat