Gold ram ** microgeophagus ramirezi ** dwarf cichlid

The Ram cichlids (Blue and Gold) are amongst the most popular of all Dwarf cichlids. The Gold (or Blonde) ram is a domestically developed variety, whereas the wild fish resembles the Blue ram. More than 225 species, with estimates of 300 speci



peixes polinesia francesa - Pesquisa Google

peixes polinesia francesa - Pesquisa Google

The Magical World of Aquascaping/Living Terrariums (WITH PICTURES!), page 1

This last pinner ---> "Aquariums.I am a huge fan of wasting money, power, time and water. Great way to relax.

Celestichthys margaritatus, Celestial Pearl ' Danio' The largest officially-recorded specimen measured just 21 mm. Description from I searched for this on

10 Best Freshwater Aquarium Fishes For Beginners

Galaxy rasbora / rasbora galaxy

im looking for any names and info on small fish for a 10 gallon tank. im thinking something like the galaxy rasbora,aka celestial pearl danio.

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Electric Blue Orange Head ram

Koi fish animal totems are associated with all of the marvel and calming properties of water.

German Blue Ram Cichlid.....We have one of these in our peaceful tank & he get's on well with all the other fish because he is the boss,but he is not aggressive towards them.

German Blue Ram Cichlid, Love these! :) (TSs High-Tech, High-Light In-Wall 75 gallon MTS Substrate Tank)