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Good parenting lessons and reminders. "Yelling silences your message." Effective Parenting 101 has lots of ideas to stop the yelling cycle you might find yourself in.

How to calmly react to upsetting behavior

Though this is for parents, it's a terrific example of reacting versus responding and what it means to be mindful of our interactions with others.

11 Ways To Raise A Grateful Child by Qita

Musing Momma: 11 Ways To Raise A Grateful Child. So, just how do parents raise grateful children? Here are 11 ways to raise a grateful child.

Everyone always talks about the Terrible twos but no one talks about the Threes.  Three was absolutely full of insanity. Mason seemed to be testing my boundaries every single day. And then one day (or two or three) I lost it. I screamed and screamed. I was so angry. Why can’t he just LISTEN?! JUST …

21 Ways to Stop Yelling

This is so smart because a bad habit is hard to break once it becomea a cycls. Break that bad habit of yelling at your children - and feel better about yourself too.

I am your parent and you are my child...would be great to print and hang in a room

Sweet parent & child poem - free printable in 3 colors!


Effective Parenting 101 "Focus more on who your child is than on what your child does. Remember, you're growing a person, not fixing a problem.

"I raised you so high that every other man on earth is now doomed to live in your shadow." - Ranata Suzuki

I raised you so high that Every other man on earth is now doomed to Live in your shadow