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Everybody...and then there's Jin

It took me a whole min to understand they were in air. But look at the sync tho.

Jin, J-Hope & V in the 1st pic tho. XD And Suga in the 2nd pic. XD #swag haha

feels like when you turn the shower on and it's scalding hot.

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I feel like Jungkook must have stared at Jimin's absa lot to get a perfect drawing of it.

Are we sure he's not the maknae?

i just glanced at this but i did a double take not expecting to laugh so hard but my nose kinda did a snort and my throat sorta vibrated and i just wheezed a lot and now it hurts these boys are legitimately trying to kill me

V's handwriting is beyond beautiful

LOL//i think i need evidence, just to be sure Jimin doesnt wear flower underwear.

I know it happened, I pinned this a looooong time ago.

First it was Rap Monster, Suga, V, Jungkook, Jin than on BTS American Hustle Life it was Jimin & now its J Hopes turn.

Ken and Jin .. I love seeing friendships between groups.. they always seem supportive to each other.. love the lack of rivalry and drama..

Jin is tired of taking care of BTS so he left his five children to RapMon so he can join Vixx

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Perfect Man.

i love this cuz he's performing "perfect man" here, and it is true Jimin is perfect like what you talking bout teacher?

[BTS MEMES] : lmao is this to make up for his height ~ admin 호비 -

Now Jimin has an advantage that he can jump higher than the others. Ballet learn ballet to jump higher.