As obras de arte vestíveis extraordinárias de Rachel Sigmon

I'm A Self-Thought Artist Who Creates Wearable Art Pieces Inspired By Fantasy

The Witch Is In — sosuperawesome: Elysian Fantasy Artistry on Etsy.

One merman is swimming against the stereotypes and is fighting for more black people to embrace the mer lifestyle. Blix is a gay professional mermaid who lives in Atlanta.

This guy lives as a merman and is the most beautiful person imaginable

Blix is a gay professional mermaid who lives in Atlanta: ‘I eat, sleep and breathe mermaids, merman – the whole life,’ says Blix, who is known as Eric when he’s a ‘two-legger’.

ArtStation - SMITE: Poseidon, Miles Wadsworth

Had fun working on this guy. We recently gave Poseidon a visual update for Smite: Celestial Voyage, Patch My main job was to retopologize and texture the figure. I did, however, have a hand in finalizing the sculpt to generate the textures.

Roberto Cavalli makeup                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I choose this image because of the black makeup. I like that the upper portion of his face is completely black; it gives him a mysterious look.

Mischa Vidyaev Makeup Artist. Photo Elena VolkovaСтанислав Донец, для журнала "Плав

MUP and Hair by me Photo Elena Volkova Станислав Донец, для журнала "Плавание"

Maquillaje artistico

Natural Eye Makeup - TOP 10 Simple & Easy Makeup Tutorials

"Masks" by Richard Burbridge. theatrical fashion photography for grimm and fairy avante garde lovers This is amazing. Fantasy brought to life