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Vegeto fase dios super saiyayin dios blue una fase todavía ni creada pero qu e podrían crearla

SSJG Goku Vs Beerus - I love the colouring of this art. Hopefully we can see Beerus and Whis actually fighting a strong opponent, along with all the other Z warriors. - Visit now for 3D Dragon Ball Z shirts now on sale!

beerus black_background dougi dragon_ball dragonball_z egyptian_clothes fighting highres multiple_boys official_art open_mouth purple_skin red_eyes red_hair son_gokuu sparkle super_saiyan_god upside-down water wristband

[Megapost] Impresionantes ilustraciones de Wizyakuza - Taringa!

[Megapost] Impresionantes ilustraciones de Wizyakuza

Wizyakuza splits your favorite characters and puts them back together again for a striking art set.

So I just heard about a new-gen Dragonball Z game called Dragonball Xenoverse.

SSJ4 Goku

Goku Instant Transmission from corruptet and soonley detonating Planet. For my good Friend Ryan Son-Goku Super Saiyan 4 Instant Transmission