I love gajeel. And I love how only levy and juvia pull him back

I laughed my -butt- off during this scene! xD Lector looks so funny, and Gajeel too! And I loved how Juvia was trying to hold him back too. xD<IM DYING! Gajeel makes me laugh!


Gate closed (Spoilers of the new chapter. by blanania on DeviantArt. This just brings me tears thinking about Aquarius

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GaLe so cute. I SHALL SHIP IT FOREVER! >>> Yes this is true but look at Gajeel and Wendy I love their (sorta) friendship Ooh noo- LEVY~ don't cry! Gajeel loves you! Adorb❤️ and true i Love their friendship too, he's like an older brother no?

OMG look at erza and grays mad face especially natsu

OMG look at erza and grays mad face especially natsu<<<< Well duh Natsu loves her! Of course he's mad as hell!

Ain't that the truth. One of my friends (I actually got them into Fairy Tail) they never before watched any anime. They thought it was stupid since the characters were all fictional, it was animated, and it's just stupid. Now, she cries along with me watching episodes and she's a die-hard fan.

Fairy tail truth I cried when Lisanna came back from Edolas and ran to Mira-chan! The FEELS

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"Pregnant by blanania on DeviantArt hahahaa.where Gruvia?" <== now that you mention it, where my baby Gruvia at!

Lol Fairy Tail x Frozen

Yasss Frozen version of Fairy Tail (frozen was the first thing that popped in mah head when I met gray)

No there aren't only three dragon slayers... Three are mores.<<< Three dragon slayers in Fairytail

I'm pretty sure there are 4 Lucy's. Edolas Lucy, Gemini Lucy, Future Lucy, and Normal Lucy. So there is 4 Lucys not Technicaly future lucy is normal lucy