Big Bro Contest -Color- by on @deviantART

Big Brother Contest - Sesshomaru & InuYasha (InuYasha), Itachi & Sasuke (Naruto), and Edward & Alphonse (Fullmetal Alchemist) - funny fan art comic <<<< ED WINS!

Lucy a fire dragon slayer...? *cough* another food monster perhaps *cough*

It's been a long morning +NaLu+ by Chipiron on DeviantArt<<<awwwwwww

Comic pages commission for inksterlol @ tumblr. I was asked to illustrate chapter 11 of her fanfic Dragon's Light. Please do not repost this artwork. 

A short comic I did regarding to that chapter (which I loved so much) Might be going on a hiatus after this just to focus on my school work and an. Together we can win any war

Cooking by Lulu2222 on DeviantArt

Gajeel RedFox x Levy McGarden ft. PhanterLily : Cooking by (DeviantArt)

Lose It - FAIRY TAIL SPOILERS by raesquared on deviantART

OH poor heart. (GaLe Fanart) This was most likely the future where future Lucy came from