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Daily Awww: Cuddly creatures (34 photos)

Soft koala, warm koala little ball of fur. Happy koala sleepy koala insert whatever sound they make here times three.

Sooo stinkin cute!!

I just died! Can we all just agree that we want a baby monkey like this? Just so much cuteness for one picture!

Australia. Why is everyone there so nice? Is it from something in the water, or what?

My Theory about Australian Actors

Is this not the cutest face ever? One of the items on my bucket list is to hold a koala. Though Felicity's husband has warned me that k.

koala bebé

baby koala - oh my gosh so cute! i want a pet koala bear :)

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Traffic came at a standstill when a koala wandered on the Wivenhoe-Somerset Road. Travellers had to wait on road untill the marsupial got off the road.