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Para que você não saia traduzindo ’to be or not to be’ como ’duas abelhas ou não duas abelhas’.

In your first attempt to learn Spanish, the first thing you will be taught about is greetings. What do you know if you don't know how to say "

Expressions for Agreeing and Disagreeing in English - learn English,communication,vocabulary,english

Expressions for Agreeing and Disagreeing in English - learn English,communication,vocabulary,english Mais

En inglés se puede agregar a un verbo una preposición y obtener un verbo con un significado completamente diferente. Por ejemplo, el verbo to look mirar, mientras que to look for es buscar, y to look after es cuidar. Tales verbos se llaman verbos preposicionales y los hablantes nativos los usan todo el tiempo; por eso es muy necesario aprenderlos pues son la clave para hablar ingles correctamente y con naturalidad.

60+ frases con los verbos más necesarios en Inglés

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VOCABULARY | Shopping-related phrasal verbs and adjectives.

Shopping Phrasal Verbs and Adjectives - learn English,phrasalverbs,vocabulary,english

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“Phrasal verbs” are small phrases composed of a verb and adverb or preposition. The meaning of a phrasal verb is usually entirely different than the words may suggest; this tends to cause people learning English as a second language to want to pull their hair out. The good news about phrasals?  Often the meaning can be determined by the subject of conversation.

8 important phrasal verbs of movement [infographic] Phrasals are phfun! These little nuggets have no rules and simply develop through use within the English language. Here are eight phrasal verbs based on movement.