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Hair Study by Brittany Schall

I can’t even make my real hair look like this, let alone draw hair that looks likethis! Upswept, long n’ flowing, twists & braids…. these gorgeous hair studies are mixed media drawings on canvas by New York based artist Brittany Schall

way to make me feel stupid..

Hyper Realistic Hair Drawings by Brittany Schall Which style do you wear? - Hyper Realistic Hair Drawings by Brittany Schall .

Mix media self portraits that examine hair.

Hair studies by Brittany Schall is a set of drawings/portraits that keep their focus on hair. So much that while we see the subject’s hair in its full glory, other parts of their body, including their faces are all washed away.

For some reason I can stipple a window sized, photorealistic portrait but I don’t have the patience for this.

Drawing hair is one of the important step in pencil portraits. Pencil drawings of hair looks attractive when it is crafted in a perfect way.

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