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The moment you read this I know better than anyone that you will immediately think of, that one person...

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God takes care of me. Thank you God for redirecting me from what I thought I wanted to what I deserve.

I Know You're Scared Right Now, Maybe You Miss Someone, Maybe Your Heart Hurts A Little Or A Lot Or Maybe You're Not Quite SUre Of Who You Are Or What You Want. But That Feeling You Want Back, The One Where It Doesn't Seem Like The Whole World Is Against You. It's Still Here, It Never Really Left You And One Day You Will Realise That The Only Person Who Can Find It Again Is You.

One day you'll realise that there is only one person who can make your life better, only one person who can make you feel like the whole world is not against and there's only person who can make you say ''the cup is half full'' . and that person is YOU.

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One day, I'll find her. And when they ask me how I knew she was the one, I'll tell them, "Because she loved me in spite of all the unlovable pieces she had to pick up." - Leo Christopher I've found her!

I want to see you too. I had a dream last night. To put it simply, there was a long moment where neither of us said anything, but we just mourned for all that had happened. We knew we're couldn't go back. But we stood there and saw each other, and grieved the loss of a beautiful friendship. I think it helped me have closure.

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You cannot simply will your heart to stop breathing, that no matter how long you hold your breath for, you cannot hold it forever, and i could only stop missing you, if i stopped being myself entirely.

Ernest Hemingway makes me love poetry so much. I still miss you Uncle Shane.