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(Open Miraculous RP! I need Chat Noir... I'll be Marinette) I walk down the street as swiftly as possible, trying to get to Alya's little costume party on time. At least my skirt and hoodie and such are comfortable... As I walk I see a familiar Black cat rush past me, almost tripping over his feet. I roll my eyes, my cheeks pink. His ego got bigger and bigger constantly. I continue walking, unaware he was staring at me as I walked. (More than one sentence please! Details and all that~)

Chat Noir found a fan~ (Miraculous Ladybug, Marinette, Marichat) << Let's be honest he'd run into a pole immediately after this

akuma, marichat, and animation image Adrien looks so similar to Mizuki from Kamisama Kiss in the last pic.

adrian, marinette, chatnoir, ladybug, miraculousladybug

adrian, marinette, chatnoir, ladybug, miraculousladybug That would happen.