sadistic inspection.

Hellooooo everyone! I'm back with MM memes part not much to say but, have fun~~ 😏 Images from the wonderful world know as the internet!

Oh god so true ahahahha

Oh god so true ahahahha but there might be a chance i will go in real life

Rich ppl be like

P sure this is in reference to the Yugioh Abridged series, which just makes me adore Jumin



mysticmessenger I don't ship Jumin and Zen, but gosh this made me laugh!

✖ pinterest; 3rin5ucks

luciel choi - mystic messenger but it keeps getting faster

bester Zeitpunkt xD

Lol I was talking to Saeran and Seven in the headquarters and I got an email and skipped part of the conversation trying to get it to go away.Mystic Messenger- Zen (Ryu Hyun) x Mc Susanghan Messenger


When you play all the routes T-T this gme messed up my minf

Im starting to like Ms Vanderwood more and more lol

Omg I never realized. This comic is post-sevens ending. The robot cat and the dog. Vanderwood is ACTUALLY his maid now.

I laughed at the Stockholm Syndrome one. I'm so sorry.

I laughed at the Stockholm Syndrome one. You try it on for size some time, dear. Lol when none of this is accurate