Working on this!

Classy is when you have a lot to say but choose to remain silent in front of fools.

Amen ladies! Act like a respectable lady, don't talk trash and be a drama queen, unless you want to be flip flops  grown women don't participate in little girl games.

"Bwaahhh :-)) Equation sucks hahahaha whats wrong with flip flops and so good about louboutins? Owh this is so stupid" -previous pinner said this, she must be flip flops.

You don't have to be a mean bitch to know your worth. It will be required for you to be a bitch at times  to stand up for yourself, though. You cannot care what others think. They will smear you anyway. Don't give a fuck. It's YOUR life and you deserve to live a helluva life.

Ever wondered why some men can only handle shallow women with low self esteem (the low hanging fruits)?