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Creativity Is A Choice: How You Can Paint Your Own 'Mona Lisa'

("play me a dream" , written by previous poster, possibly the title, artist unknown.) idea for putting random things together

Reading a book that made everything impossible seem possible.

Dan elijah g. fajardo is an illustrator from Philippines. More Impressive Illustrations by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo after the jump. For more info on the Dan E

iPhone wallpaper

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With books you can go anywhere or be anything. They stretch your imagination and allow you to do things you've never done.

Fairy tale Art: Fairy tale, tattooed girl wearing an imaginary crown is holding an open book. A Dreamlike & surreal girl with a crown and castle sit upon the book.

Café y libros

Galaxy Art—but like? Odd is galaxies? They made him and his guests this delicious galaxy tea?

I wanted to tell you I'm starting painting again. Ladies in WISTA think I'm worthy and elected me in the board. I didn't have the courage to tell u I'm going crazy at times I get too lonely and didn't tell you because it's not your fault. I wanted to tell you I never stop dreaming about you and sometimes I feel guilty I do. It's always the same for me. I wud just jump on you no words making love like I see you for the first time. You are always on my mind, clean thoughts, dirty thoughts.. I…

Cores e movimento por James R. Eads

Psychedelic Nature-Inspired Swirling Illustrations Are Animated by James R. Eads Los Angeles based multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator James R. Ead’s stunning illustrations are known for their.