The Fairytale of Fox and Bat by on @deviantART

watercolor, art goes off faux matting, The Fairytale of Fox and Bat by ~Dasycneme I love how the trees stretch beyond the borders of the picture.

♪ Arte de Joanna Wędrychowska

rfmmsd: “Artist: Joanna Wędrychowska “Nature’s Embrace” Watercolor, Masking Fluid, White Acrylic on Watercolor Paper Girl Reference: Marta Bevacqua Photography ”

Green Eye in Watercolour by ~De1in on deviantART

This green watercolor eye is spot on. "one of my students personally requested a watercolor lesson to paint eyes with drippy parts all over it. so I will be saving this on here for that ;

Puff puff Painted on iPad. Painting big owly eyes and puffy fluff is…