Look at this sick picture, drawn by itspetersfault on Twitter! It's made for Ohmwrecker, and H2ODelirious! :'D

glitch-master: “ This was probably the best shit I’ve watched all week. I like had so much space, that I had to fill it with them just sitting.

Aww h20vanoss

Although im all for how adorable this is, can we just talk about Lui is the bush? His expression is priceless 😂


Banana Bus Squad, Vanossgaming, Cartoonz, MooSnuckle (I have no clue who's hanging upside down lmao)

Delirious & Cartoonz Player 2 AU

Just some photos in my gallery, probably all like BBS and maybe sum f…


-Airhorn in hand-WAKE UP!-I yelled as I blew the air horn-//The Guys:-Scream and tremble off the couch-

BryceGames, CaRtOoNz, Delirious, Ohmwrecker <<aww poor bryce and damn, ohm's looking fine XD

BryceGames, CaRtOoNz, H2O Delirious, Ohmwrecker