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Amethyst and Keshi Pearl Necklace, Natural Purple Amethyst Necklace, February Birthstone Jewelry, Handmade Beaded Necklace - Etsy UK

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Amethyst with Keshi Pearls is the combo for this design. This Amethyst necklace was created using faceted cut teardop shaped amethyst gemstones that are an intense dark shade of purple. Coupled with artful contrasting white Keshi Pearls, this necklace transforms even a minimalist ensemble into envious evening wear. The piece is secured with a large dramatic Silver magnet clasp. Details: Faceted Cut Drop Shape Amethyst. Freshwater Keshi Pearl. 925 Plated Magnet Clasp. Amethyst: 12mm x 15mm drop shape. Freshwater Keshi Pearl: 14mm x 12mm. Clasp: 14mm 925 Silver Plated. The Necklace Is 18" Long