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Black and white ceramic vase | Handmade ceramic vase | Textured vase | Design vase | Ceramic vessel | Minimalist style | Modern ceramic deco

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Modern ceramic vessel in black clay and hand-painted in white with an aged retro look for modern, minimalist spaces with harmonious lines to decorate your home.
The subtle curves of its opening form a perfect harmony with the lines that lead us to its base, it is a pleasure for the eyes.
With a timeless design with an aged look, it seems to have been found underground from ancient civilizations.
Height: 12.2 inches (31 cm) approximately.
Diameter: 9.8 inches (25 cm) approximately.
• Stoneware fired at high temperature 1240o (2.264 oF) without glaze.
• Quality in ceramics.
• Made and painted by hand.
• Signed piece.
• Safe shipping with double carton box.
• Handmade in my workshop in Barcelona, Spain.
Ceramics is a slow trade and everything is a matter of time. Each work requires several weeks to be carried out and goes through several stages until the final result.
The process of the pieces can last from 1 to 2 days.
Final touch-ups are done while the piece is not completely dry.
After drying for a few days, depending on the temperature and humidity, the pieces are ready for high-temperature firing, which reaches 1.240 °C (2.264 oF) and lasts 3 days.
In the event that the piece is glazed, a first firing is carried out that amounts to 950 °C (1.742 oF) and lasts 3 days. From the kiln it comes out of a ceramic that is hard but porous and therefore still relatively brittle. Then proceed to glaze and the second firing at 1.240 oC (2.264 oF).
I send to your home a container with recyclable materials and minimal plastic. The labels are made of cotton fabric with eco-friendly inks. Each piece is secured inside one or two padded double channel cardboard boxes for your safety.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to write me.
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