a blue water bottle that says it's wine somewhere
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Its Wine O'Clock Somewhere - Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Drinkware - 2433 - - 32 oz Water Bottle / Sky

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Cups with Style and Attitude Let everyone know what is on your mind. Available in many sizes and colors. Our amazing tumblers and water bottles are double-wall, vacuum-sealed, stainless steel. Your cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours and hot drinks stay hot for 6 hours. Your cup will not sweat, your ice will not melt and your coffee will still burn your mouth by the time you get to work. Laser engraving is bold and permanent. Does not fade, crack or peel like printed, glittered, epoxied, vinyled or stickered cups. Here a just a few of the easy reasons you need this tumbler AWESOME DESIGNS. Our designs are awesome exactly as they are, but we also offer personalization to make sure everyone knows that it belongs to you. COLD DRINKS THAT STAY COLD. No more gross lukewarm drinks because all your ice melted as soon as you took it outside. Imagine cold drinks at the beach, on the boat, on the trail, in your car, and at the game. EVERYBODY IS GONNA WANT TO BE YOU. Once they see you with your awesome cup they are gonna want to be you. TRUTH. They will. BEST GIFT EVER. This is the best gift you can possibly give someone. Seriously. There is not one single thing in the world that your friend is going to love more than receiving one of these tumblers. Ok, well maybe a Maserati, but if we are being practical, the cup is a much better deal. SUPER FAST SHIPPING. You probably procrastinated buying a gift and you need it super serious fast. Well, we ship within 2 business days, and if you let us know you forgot a birthday, we can do our best to ship same day. You will be the best friend ever because they got the perfect cup and it actually arrived before their birthday. And if you were really late and failed to order it until the day after their birthday, you can just tell them it is late because you were saving the best for last. They are still going to love you the most, because it is such an awesome gift.
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