This 925 sterling silver pendant features our original whale tail motif paired with hand-selected larimar gemstones. Whale tails are not only aesthetically appealing but have great meaning. For years, they have symbolized good luck, speed, strength, and freedom. The tail flukes are unique to each whale in the same way that we are all unique individuals. Each piece is unique and may vary slightly in color. Details: Brand: Alamea Materials: 925 sterling silver Gemstone: Larimar Polished Finish Part of a Set Dimensions: Large Length: 20.5mm Width: 40.5mm Thickness: 7.5mm Medium Length: 19mm Width: 30.5mm Thickness: 5.7mm Small Length: 13mm Width: 23.2mm Thickness: 4.7mm Beautiful Necklaces, Silver, Necklace, Studded, Whale, Pendant, Sterling, Whale Tail, Larimar