the steps of the scientific method card sorting activity for students to practice their science skills
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Steps of the Scientific Method Card Sorting Activities in English and Spanish

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This resource contains three card sorting activity lesson options to learn about, practice, or assess the steps of the scientific method. Each lesson option can be used in a variety of ways (see Lesson Options below). Full instructions with pictures and complete answer keys are included. An editable 18 slide PowerPoint is included as well. It is a no-frills kind of PowerPoint that teachers can change to fit the needs of their students. The activities and the PowerPoint can be used together or separately.
All of the cards and student pages are in both English and Spanish. The PowerPoint is in English only.
3 Activity Designs for 3 Lesson Options:
The first lesson option is a group card sorting activity. It can be used as a review or a pre-assessment.
The second lesson option is an individual card sorting activity. It can be used as a review, pre-assessment, formative assessment, or summative assessment.
The third lesson option is an interactive notebook card sorting activity. The cards are sized to fit into composition notebooks. This lesson option can be used as a review, a lecture aid, an alternative to traditional notes, or an interactive notebook page.
It is important to note that the cards used in each lesson option all contain similar or identical examples, so teachers might not use every lesson option in this resource. For example, in my classroom I use the group card sorting activity and the interactive notebook card sorting activity and usually skip the individual card sorting activity. All lesson options can be used within the same unit, but you’d be going over the same information in a different lesson format.
The scientific method steps used in the activities are as follows:
1. Make an observation and ask a question about it
2. Research if needed
3. Make a hypothesis
4. Test the hypothesis in an experiment
5. Record and analyze the data
6. Write a conclusion
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The Interactive Notebook lesson option from this resource is also available by itself.
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“I love this product! This challenged my students to sort and organize the steps and examples. They had to think out of the box on some of it.”
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