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Superheroes: Superheroes Card Sort and Worksheet (Singular vs Plural Nouns)

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I made this cute Superhero themed activity to help my kiddos give me a quick check-in with their understanding of whether a noun is singular or plural. They love it because it is Superhero themed, the clipart is super colorful, vibrant, and detailed...making the sort lots of fun! I have created 4 pages (each containing 6 cards) of singular and plural nouns (12 of each), super-star headers to help your kiddos when sorting, and recording sheet where they can write the words they have sorted (you can have them write all 24 cards, or simply pick set a number). Nouns that are included in singular form, are also included in plural form. So you could take this activity even further! After they have sorted whether the nouns are singular or plural, you could then have them make the word matches as well! In addition, I have created a cut/paste activity to also follow-up their understanding these nouns; your students simply sort the given words and paste it under the correct header "singular" or "plural". Hope your students will enjoy it as well!!
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