three bags of green food with eyes on the front and bottom, each bag has a bite taken out of it

TOHATO Uji Matcha Green Tea Caramel Corns x 3 Boxes – Made in Japan

TOHATO Uji Matcha Green Tea Caramel Corns. Matcha caramel corn Soft, crispy, and melts softly Uji matcha in a gentle and delicious caramel corn The used "Matcha caramel corn" has joined the ranks! A bittersweet, fragrant matcha flavor You can enjoy it. Raw material name Corn grits (domestic production), sugar, vegetable oils and fats, margarine, matcha, sweetened brick milk, matcha paste, salt / sorbitol, fragrance, emulsifier, gardenia pigment, carotinoid pigment, (Some contain milk…
Made in Japan


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