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Vintage Hand Painted Porcelain Plates and Soup Bowl, Floral Designs, Hutschenreuther, Germany, 1964, Signed Collectible Plates, Set of 3

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Set of 3 matching Vintage Hand Painted Porcelain Plates and Soup Bowl with Floral Designs. There are two plates with a scalloped edge and one soup bowl with a scalloped edge. The soup bowl and one plate has gold trim. Each item has a different flower design, but the items match each other. The artistry is exquisite. One of the plates is signed "E.H. '64".
Based on the style and colors of choice, it would appear that all items were painted by the same person.
The soup bowl is marked 'Hutschenreuther, Selb, LHS, Bavaria, Germany'. The mark was used from 1939 to 1965.
The Signed Collectible Plates were painted in 1964.
The porcelain plate is painted with an overglaze and fired in the kiln so that the paint can bond with the glaze. The process of painting involves using a dry mineral paint that is mixed with usually an oil of some kind to allow it to be applied to the porcelain. When fired in a kiln to around 1400 degrees the mineral color permeates the glaze and becomes permanent. The colors are translucent like watercolor so colors are layered over each other in multiple kiln firings.
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