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Wireless Key Finder - BLACK

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Anything Finder Tracker: ldcx item key finder with 1 rf transmitter remote control and 4 receivers for locating any items like keys, wallet, tv remote control, purse, glasses whatever you need to find.
Easy Quick Finder 131ft Long-Distance Tracking: ldcx key finder,simply pressing on the related color-coded buttons, powerful finder tracker radio frequency can penetrate through walls floors etc to help quick to find your items..Up to 131ft in ( Open Space ), quickly locate valuable items in your home or on your property.
Sounds And Mini Flashlight : Ldcx key finder receiver sounds or beeps, leading you to track your lost item.The remote control with a led light on/off switch is located at the right side of the transmitter, it is extremely handy when you need to find something in the dark.
Working frequency: 433.92MHz
Working distance: about 30-40 meters
Volume: 75-80 dB
Transmitter battery: AAAX2pcs
Receiver battery: CR2032
Launch size: 105 * 46 * 13mm
Receiving size: 50 * 31 * 11mm
Transmitter base 76 * 30mm
Packing size: 10.6 * 18.4 * 3.3cm
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