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Women in Deckchairs, Camille Hilaire, 1960s

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Women in deckchairs', oil on canvas, by camille hilaire (circa 1960s). Folding wooden chairs with woven or cane seats and backs, of the type now known in the uk as "steamer chairs", began to be used on ocean liner decks in the 1900s and were known at the time as "deck chairs". But in this vibrant depiction of two bathers, the seated subjects are instead, enjoying the sun and ambiance of one of the private beaches which dot the coastline of the french riviera. Private beaches are a common sight along france's coastlines and can be easily spotted by the mass of brightly coloured umbrellas and deck chairs dotting the waterfront. The artist here masterfully uses the colours of his oils to project the warmth of the riviera sun onto the viewer. The cubist lines painted by the artist mimic the sun's rays as they cast their shadows onto the subjects. The artwork is in good overall condition and has been newly framed. It is signed by the artist in the lower right hand. Upon request a video of the artwork may be provided. The authenticity of this artwork has been confirmed by the committee camille hilair ( l'authenticité de cette oeuvre a été confirmée par le comité camille hilaire .) about the artist : camille hilaire (1916-2004) was a french painter and weaver from metz in eastern france. He attended the école des beaux-arts in paris and was also tutored by andré lhote. Camille hilaire is subtle in his composition. He did away with efficient structures, he held power with colour and achieved a wonderful, consistent sense of calm, amplitude and greatness by translating patterns and elements, which never prevented him from expressing a burning passion for creating and sharing. His nudes were remarkable, with perfect curves, coiled with charm and set in a context in which their sensual fullness imposed itself with provocative grace. As for his landscapes, camille hilaire could determine the structure without apparent constraints, overlaying a fresh, spicy green that is so characteristic of them. Thus, nature and elements they become the pretext upon which the artist "pushed" the colour to get the effect felt. Over time, a dozen monographs have been devoted to him as well as documentaries and films. He leaves behind a large body of work who strongly influenced the french painters of the mid-twentieth century. Dimensions with frame : h 42 cm / 16.5" w 53 cm / 20.9" dimensions without frame : h 30 cm / 11.8" w 41 cm / 16.1" less
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