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Baby Sleep Training : Ferber Method at 5 Months Old

Our experience sleep training our 5 month old baby using the Ferber method - 7 days & nights of results and what we did.

Tips for Raising Smart Kids...hmmmm

Someone shared an interesting infographic with me recently about how to raise smart kids. I wanted to post it here not because I believe there is a “formula” for turning kids into geniu…

How I made one month of healthy baby food in less than an hour FOR CHEAP! #cleaneating

in a couple years I will be glad I pinned this! 1 month of baby food, 1 hour, 25 bucks. recipes, grocery list, and order of operations. the complete package and easy to do.

50 Tips for Traveling With a BABY!! Alone and with husband!

50 Tips for Traveling With a BABY! Alone and with husband! - Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup Clark