BATIK is Indonesian (Javanese, to be exact) fabric that is traditionally made using a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. KEBAYA is an elegant Javanese ladies top which is rich with laces and ornaments. ONLY in Indonesia!!!
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Kassian Cephas  Indonesia 1845-1912  Young Javanese Woman  c. 1885  Albumen silver Photograph  13.7 x 9.8 cm  Collection National Gallery of Australia  (Via Art Blart )

Kassian Céphas Indonesia Young Javanese woman c. 1885 Albumen silver photograph x cm Collection National Gallery of Australia (via Art Blart)

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soekarno: Vivere Pericoloso

Vivere Pericoloso : Idealisme Keberanian Pemimpin Muda dalam Menembus Lorong Bahaya Bangsa

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