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Now this is a cute cat.

8 Cats That Are Prettier Than Most Humans

Cats with big eyes absolutely hypnotize me. My Violet is a silly thing with little personality, but when I catch her gaze I just love her to pieces!


The Sheep Cat

It's pronounced, RBF. As in, resting Bitch Face. Not "bitchy resting face"

I want this cat

Snoopy, the cutest cat ever…

Ths is too freakin adorable. The cutest cat I've ever seen.

Gorgeous Male Maine Coon

Gorgeous Male Maine Coon looks like my Meow-Yuk Phat-Phoo-Phoo-Kitty the Rodeo…

funny cat pictures. This is so cute. My cats would kill me if I did this to them.

Lion cat - omygoodness I want to give and orange cat a haircut like this!


So if u are twins and u call ur twin ugly well. u are calling ur self ugly to cause ur twins see. I hope u get the picture