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Ulyana Sergeenko- Street Style LOVE IT!

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Ulyana Sergeenko. Modest doesn't mean frumpy. Avoid the Top 10 Fashion & Style Mistakes (free eBook): http://eepurl.com/4jcGX Do your clothing choices, manners, and poise portray the image you want to send? "Dress how you wish to be dealt with!" (E. Jean) http://www.colleenhammond.com/

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Daddy's neatness | Fashion Vintage Blogger: Today's character: Ulyana Sergeenko

Ulyana Sergeenko style

Ulyana Sergeenko (via Bloglovin.com )

Ulyana Sergeenko in Dior Haute Couture Skirt - Paris Fashion Week Style Fall 2013 - Harper's BAZAAR

Ulyana Sergeenko

Ulyana Sergeenko ...just a little bit obsessed.

Natasha Bailie Vintage Clothing Company Blog: Style Crush : Ulyana Sergeenko

So I am so obsessed with Ulyana Sergeenko that I am going to create an entire board dedicated to the fantastic styles and designs of this woman.

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