Chanyeol - 160717 SMTown Live World Tour V in Osaka Credit: mxmxmxmxoxo.

aw he's so cute holding the camera in his hand andasiuodfhjlaiuhvlaikuefghliwrus\aehijkfbwahaliuwrfhlqih MY FEELZ

《 FY! EXO 》

《 FY! EXO 》

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Exo - Chanyeol "Why is her soo damn cute"

Pouty Yeol

151010 EXO-Love Concert In Dome Kkkkkkk q cara é essa, mano?

#ChanYeol // tiene sueñito (? o tiene algo en el ojo v:

Exo - Chanyeol "What a cutie"

K-POP : Photo

Exo's Chanyeol Star Show 360

160825 #Chanyeol #EXO

160825 Watch me whip


kpop, blue and exo image on We Heart It

chanyoel in mv "you don't know love"

Oh chanyeol even brushing your teeth you are so attractive to me ~

Happy Birthday Chanyeol!🤗 Yay ur another year older🎉but still nine years older than me and I just can't believe it. I love ur positivity and happiness. I luv how u always try to spread that positive vibe. So pls don't ever stop. Just keep being u and smiling with that beautiful smile of urs and always doing what u luv cuz I just adore u for it. I wouldn't change a thing about u and I hope u know it! I love you so so so much Park Chanyeol😘 that even words can't describe just how much!!

Exo's Chanyeol Star Show 360


Exo-K: Chanyeol/Park Chan cm/November Rapper,Vocalist

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his hair omgggg i love it

[SCAN/HQ] EXO EX'ACT Monster - Chinese ver. ::

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He says his ideal girl is a small one, well, I guess we need to meet each other now so he knows I'm here.

Chanyeol - 151017 ExoLuxion Guangzhou << ***whimper*** Chanyeol covered in sweat. I'm literally whining out loud.