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Krystal f(x) - 4 walls

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수정이 저장소 (@saveKRYSTAL) | Twitter

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F(x) - Krystal

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F(x) - Krystal

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Denim Polo with Black Faded Pants Fashion of fx Krystal


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Krystal being her flawless self. red Hair - so beautiful

Jung SooJung (born October better known by Krystal, is an American and South Korean singer and actress based in South Korea

krystal, heading to shanghai

She makes wearing pjs out ok

2015.04, Dazed and Confused, f(x), Krystal


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Number 10!! f(x) Krystal - Oh Boy! Magazine Vol.30

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jeou: krystal, for pinocchio photobook

jeou: krystal, for pinocchio photobook

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F(x) fighting! Can't wait for the comeback! As tagged

160919 Krystal - tods Instagram update #krystal #soojung #krystaljung…

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