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Crank n Slotted lever | 3D CAD Model Library
Crank n Slotted lever
Estudio de los posibles mecanismos a utilizar en la realizacion de un AUTOMATA.
an old poster shows different types of mechanical power devices and equipment in various stages of development
Vintage Infodesign [86] - Visualoop
Illustrations of Natural Philosophy: Mechanical Powers (c1850)
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Leonardo Da Vinci's Spatial Slider-Crank Mechanism - STEP / IGES,SketchUp,SOLIDWORKS,Parasolid,Autodesk 3ds…
scotch-yoke mechanism | 3D CAD Model Library
scotch-yoke mechanism
four different types of screws and springs are shown in this image, with the description below
Lead Screw and Nut Assemblies
Mechanical Engineering: Lead Screw and Nut Assemblies
an image of a woodworking machine on display
Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit - the Models - Automatic Hammer Machine
trinityscsp (Juarez) | CAD Models
Slicing Mechanism
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Cam-Driven Scissors - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD
GrabCAD Making Additive Manufacturing at Scale Possible
Spring deformation in SolidWorks
Cam mechanism
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
150728Realistically this is more of a “wee, look what I can do with constraint tags and some Xpresso!” than anything of value.