Walter Spies painting Bali

Walter Spies (German) painting Bali- Spies regarded as highly important as synergised Hindu-Javanese Kemasan, stylised Balinese plant renderings and Ubud style painting with Western perspective and romantic landscape.

Calonarang by Walter Spies

Borned in Moscow, Russia, on September from a German family, Walter Spies is an artist with multy talents. Since as a child Spies loved music, da.

Walter Spies - Oerwoud

Die Landschaft und Ihre Kinder Walter Spies was born in Moscow in the son of a diplomatic family.

walter spies

Walter – was a German painter. In 1923 he came to Java, living first in Yogyakarta and then in Ubud, Bali. Often credited with attracting the attention of Western cultural figures to Bali in the he influenced the direction of Balinese art and drama.

walter spies

Walter Spies 15 September 1895 19 January 1942 was a Russianborn German primitivist painter In 1923 he moved to Java Indonesia He lived in Yogyakarta