Sinopsis Drama Korea Misaeng

A comparison of the drama to webtoon versions of Misaeng. I was having a hard time finding photos of just the webtoon, as it has not been officially translated into English. Images show the transition from print to a visual medium.

Sinopsis Drama Bride of The Century

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Sinopsis Drama Persevere Goo Hae Ra

Jinyoung to star in "Perseverance Goo Hae Ra" Loser in dating Kang Sechan "I’ll keep singing until Haera loves me" translation by:

Sinopsis Drama The King's Face

The King's Face - In his first historical drama, Seo In Guk is the son of a concubine who uses face reading to prove that he should be king during the Chosun Dynasty

Sinopsis Drama To The Beautiful You

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Drama Hotel King

Hotel King Episode A love story between an heiress who tries to save her father's legacy, the one and only seven-star hotel in the nation and the hotel manager who becomes an enemy to his own father who abandoned him in order to help the heiress.

Sinopsis Drama Dream High Season 1

Song Sam Dong really got the shit end of the stick. Falls in love with girl. Falls in love with music because of girl. Losing hearing from saving girl (so far with the episode I'm at). Gets heart broken by girl. I feel so bad for Song Sam Dong.

Sinopsis Drama Korea Hyde Jekyll Me

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Sinopsis Drama The Legendary Witch

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Sinopsis Drama King High School Conduct Life

Sinopsis Lengkap King High School Conduct Life Episode 17 END