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Brioches now available at Poule de Luxe.

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French meringue now available at Poule de Luxe.

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Our delicious brioches are back today!



NUTS OF OUR COCO MARSHMALLOWS! Hello everybody, If Poule de Luxe is famous for its cream puffs, you probably also noticed our delicacy corner! Among our fresh and 100% homemade products, you can find our coco marshmallows. They drive us nuts! (See the joke?) Deliciously sweet and soft, they are now served in a new container which helps to maintain their freshness longer. To grab some of them, come by the boutique! Follow us online:

NEW AT POULE DE LUXE: OUR FRENCH BREAKFAST MENU! Hello everyone, And happy Saturday to all of you! At Poule de Luxe, we are ready to supply your breakfast! Indeed, you now have the possibility to come and try our full and typically French breakfast with our fresh bread from the oven, our brioche, our organic and handmade strawberry jam, and delicious butter to spread on your "tartines". Don't forget al well our muffins, cookies, financiers, madeleines... Available in our delicacy corner…

A BAGUETTE, BECAUSE WE ARE FRENCH AFTERALL! Hello dear customers, Today is a big day! Today is our big day at Poule de Luxe! Indeed! Starting from today, Poule de Luxe can provide you with our new and delicious ‪#‎French‬ and traditionnal ‪#‎baguette‬ . Because you can't give French people a oven, some ‪#‎flour‬ , water and salt without expecting that they will try to make their very own baguette one day or another... It is what we did! And it worked well!

French bread from Poule de Luxe

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