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Rules of Decimals Lesson Freebie with Guided Notes

Do you need to teach or review Decimals with your students? Enjoy a Completely Free - Rules of Decimals Complete Lesson! An Excellent Teaching Resource. Perfect for interactive notebooks/journals, & more! A Free Sample of my work on Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Decimals.

Rounding Rules for Whole Numbers Anchor Chart

Anchor charts help "anchor" students' learning and provide a resource for students to use while learning and practicing skills. This Rounding Rules anchor chart explains the step-by-step process of rounding to a give place value. Use the "poster" feature in your print setup to enlarge. Fonts from ...

Types of Angles Poster A3 Wall Display

This high quality poster is ideal for your classroom wall, bulletin board or math display. It makes a great anchor for students (and teacher) to refer to. I have included 4 designs with different colored tittles to fit your room decor.Angle definitions and examples on the poster are:Acute, Right, Ob...

Rounding large numbers anchor chart

This anchor chart or reference sheet shows the steps for rounding within the millions. Post this visual up in your classroom and/or use it as a student reference sheet. Keeping these anchor charts in a binder or notebooks helps give students a reference for review problems or homework. ...

Rounding Anchor Chart

Poster to help students understand key markers for rounding. Shows students in 3 different modes how to round numbers. ...

Grade 3-5 Math Anchor Charts

This CCSS aligned math product contains 33 posters perfect for miniature anchor charts, classroom decoration, and quick reference guides for students! Topics from all 5 domains are included: Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base Ten, Numbers and Operations-Fractions, Meas...

Rounding Decimals Anchor Chart

Let students put this into their interactive math notebooks or print it as a poster. ...