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a pixel art portrait of a young man
Photos and videos by Lu (@viiolaceus) | Twitter
an image of a person standing next to a dog and another character in the game
Mockups, or the "Please say this is going to be a game" thread
Mockups, or the "Please say this is going to be a game" thread
a pixel art portrait of a man with glasses
Sandy Gordon⚡️ on Twitter
The many beautiful faces of indie dev! Here's the stunning @y2bcrazy in pixelfaced glory! :P #pixelart
an old school computer game showing the different types of stones and rocks in pixel art
다락방 창고 on Twitter
Textures (288×720) #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists ATSocialMedia.co.uk
filbertgames: This is what happens when you unlock the true power of honey. Just don’t run out, or you may be joining your bear brethren in Valhalla. More Bear animations!
- Commission - I animated this mad scientist for BrainBox lab’s youtube channel.
some stuff I made
Super Time Force ULTRA is out now on Steam! Some animations I did of Zoey and Melanie chillin’ on the Spacebus.
some pixel art style people with different outfits and hair, all looking like they're from
tumblr_pepdttN2wV1s65zppo1_540.pnj (540×540)
pixel art with different facial expressions and hair styles for each character in the video game
Я учусь делать это дерьмо
an image of a cartoon scene with people fishing in the water and another person standing on rocks
[PG] Fishing Day by TerracotaScarf on DeviantArt
Program: Adobe® Photoshop® CC Time: about 2 hours Frames: 12 UPDATE: WOW! My work got a DD! Thanks so much to Arichy who suggest it and many thanks to ...
the instructions for how to build a roof in minecraft
Pixel tutorial - dope ass pixel roofs